Chapter Fourteen: The Land of Blood and Wine

Tommy vomited over the side of his Everwyrm. Ald and Kobai exchanged grins as the three of them traveled through the In-Between on their way to Revendreth. It was Ald’s first time on an Everwyrm himself. The mount seemed to be made of a blue light formed into a thin creature that, for lack of … Continue reading Chapter Fourteen: The Land of Blood and Wine

Chapter Thirteen: The Hitch

Ald looked around the bright lands of Bastion with their sweeping fields of gold and expansive skies of deep blue. He watched as Anth and BigO, an old friend who had also returned to the Heroes in Ald’s absence, ascended a large stairway to see the Archon, the leader of the Kyrian. With a swift … Continue reading Chapter Thirteen: The Hitch