Chapter Nineteen: Dance with the Dead

Ald looked around at his teammates. Some had tears in their eyes at seeing him as flesh and blood again., but all of them had smiles on their faces. “So, you mounted your own rescue mission,” he said, grinning broadly. “We figured it was only appropriate for us to return the favor,” Kobai replied. “Well, … Continue reading Chapter Nineteen: Dance with the Dead

Chapter Eighteen: Atonement

Denathrius raised his arms in the air above his head in a gesture of mock welcome. “Ah, the Heroes have arrived. Come and look upon your fearless leader. Come and see his ritual of atonement.” The Venthyr leader turned back towards Ald. “You were saying, Maw Walker?” “Stop!” Ald yelled as best he could to … Continue reading Chapter Eighteen: Atonement